Closing The Wide Homework Gap

Parents,  you know the routine. Your kids tell you they need to use the computer to do their homework. They need to find a picture of a notable person online, Google a current event they’re studying in class to write a report—or create a PowerPoint presentation (with images and hyperlinks) instead of a paper poster.

And God forbid if the internet goes down, because completing the assignment will seem impossible.

Several studies have found that more than 75% of teachers assign homework that requires the internet, according to

However, using the internet at home for many families is a luxury they cannot afford. And as digital learning becomes the norm in most classrooms, the disparity of access to technology is becoming a barrier to success for all children across the country. This new achievement gap is called the Homework Gap.

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Empowering Your Kids About Healthy Body Image Starts with YOU

This conversation is just as important as the birds and the bees.

You need to talk with your children and students about healthy body image. But, how can you talk to them if you aren’t sure what healthy body image is?  We have been flooded for decades with what we ‘think’ healthy body image is, only to religiously count calories, go on fad diets, exercise profusely and feel guilty for eating a dessert.  The media are saturated with focusing on weight loss and depicting skinny girls and boys – because this is what we should be.  We also give excuses for thinking it’s okay to skip meals: “I’m too busy to eat; I shouldn’t eat as much today because I ate a lot last night; I need to fit in those pants.”  This is the core of American culture’s perception of what healthy body image is.

To have this conversation, it needs to happen with you first.  Use these tools to facilitate exploration within yourself so you know how to convey this to your kids

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Three Easy Ways to Make Time for YOU


As parents, we make sure our kids are active, eat healthy foods, and don’t skip breakfast. So why don’t we hold ourselves to the same standards? Probably because our to-do lists are long: after work, kids, taking care of the house, and walking the dog, self-care is the thing that usually comes in last.

You’re thinking: yes, I know. As soon as we get through the holidays and January gets here I’ll do things differently. But what if you could get started NOW and start the year off feeling great?

It seems daunting, but like most major changes, taking it in steps is key. In my 15 plus years as a competitive athlete, as a mom, and working in the health and fitness industry, I have learned a strategy or two, and I’d like to share a few of them with you here. Your task is to implement ONE of these a week until they stick. Once you have a good handle on the first strategy, then move to the next.

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It’s Exam Week!


Exam Week Goodies

We are collecting donations to treat our Teachers to goodies to have during exam week which is January 17-24. Think of anything that you would love to have while powering through a week of preparing, administering and grading exams for 2000+ students! We are listing a few items but will also leave a blank sign up because we know you all are extremely creative and will think of awesome things.

Please use this Signup Genius Form to signup for goodies and drop off any donation by Tuesday Jan 17th in the media center.

Thanks and Happy Testing!

Scholarship Opportunities

Pink piggy bank with glasses standing on books next to a blackboard with simple college savings or fees formula.

A lot of Seniors will soon find out which University they will be attending in the Fall. Now comes the task of funding that education. Luckily for you Mrs. Woynicz in Student Services has you covered.

Student Services has posted a page of scholarship opportunities. All you need to do is find the ones you wish to apply for. Last year, over $8,000,000 was raised in scholarships from MCHS Seniors. Can the Class of 2017 beat that? Let Mrs. Woynicz know if you receive any scholarship.

Fall Semester Finals One Week Away


Semester One final exams will run from January 17th – January 24th. January 24th is reserved as the exam make up day for all State Exams. All students are expected to take their final exams on their scheduled day. All final exams count for 20% of the semester grade. Good luck to all students!

Follow this link to view the exam schedule or obtain the early exam release parent permission form.

Animal Shelter Supplies Needed

The MCHS Ladies of Leadership club will be working on a service project to help the local Animal Shelter.  Projects include hand-made toys, beds, blankets, and bandanas that say “Adopt me” for the animals.  In addition, we will me making crafted mason treat jars that the shelter can sell for additional funding.  Quality dog/cat food or snacks are requested by the shelter.

We are requesting help with items in new/used good condition anytime for the month of January. If you can donate items, then go to this Signup Genius Link to let the Ladies of Leadership know you can help.