School’s Back! Prepare for Traffic.

Welcome back to school – and welcome back to the mother of all traffic jams. The new school year brings many new parents and students who are new to the traffic conditions around our school. Don’t worry though, it’s only a phenomena that happens at the beginning of the year. Trust me, it will get better over the next few weeks.

So here are some basic ideas that can help keep tempers cool and accidents from happening during this traffic crisis:

  1. Courtesy, Courtesy, Courtesy. Be helpful. Let cars needing to turn left in front of you but not too many. Be courteous to drivers behind you as well. If everyone would let one car in front of them, things will run a lot smoother.
  2. Apply “The Rule of Rights”. When entering the roads around the school, try to use as many right turns as possible. Try to avoid left turns. The more you can do this, the better your experience will be.
  3. Don’t wait until you get to the front of the school to drop your student off. There is a large sidewalk alongside the round-about. It’s OK if your kid has to walk a little. The more cars that can unload at the same time, the faster the line moves.
  4. Students – be prepared to leave the vehicle efficiently. Have all your stuff ready to go. Again, be courteous to all the cars behind you waiting.
  5. Do not cut through the student or teacher parking lots. We need to protect these valuable people. We love our kids and our teachers and don’t need anyone getting mowed down by a flying SUV!

Last but not least, plan on delays. Get there a little early or know that you’ll be late. As the penguins of Madagascar say “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave”. Be friendly to each other. Pay it forward. We’re all in this together.

Sign up for Home Base

homebase-high2Home Base gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades and assignments. With Home Base everyone stays connected: Students stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate in their child’s progress, and teachers can instantly share information from their gradebook with parents and students. Families with multiple students can also set up their accounts to view all of their students at one time, with one login.

Haven’t signed up yet? No problem. Visit Wake County Public Schools System on how to get your account created.

The Hot Zone: for Honors Biology

We have had a request from one of our Honors Biology teachers to help her procure a set of books for use in an upcoming unit about the Ebola virus. The book is:

The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus by Richard Preston

The book is available on Amazon for $5.49. We will need sixty copies of the book. Donations should be delivered to Ms. Freeze in the MCHS Media Center by Friday, October 03. If you already have a copy of the book you would like to donate, that works as well.

Don’t forget that if you do purchase this book through Amazon, using Amazon SMILE helps raise funds for the MCHS PTSA. That is like two good deeds in one!

SignUpGenius-logoPlease use our Sign Up Genius form to let us know if you donate a book!

Your support of academic excellence at Middle Creek High is greatly appreciated.

Reflections Art Contest

Calling all artists, poets, songwriters, photographers. It’s time to submit your work of art in this year’s Reflections Art Contest. There are seven categories to choose from. Everything from dance/choreography to films and video.

Last year, Middle Creek’s very own Caleb Rossi won 1st place in Nationals for Film Production. Click here to view Caleb’s winning entry or to get more inspiration from other National winning entries.




To find out how to participate, visit the MCHS PTSA website for rules and which teachers to submit your work of art to. You don’t have long. All entries must be in by the 1st week of November.

Middle Creek Coaches Show

Middle Creek is poised to dominate the 4-A Football scene this year. Don’t miss an opportunity to wine and dine with the coaches every week.
Come out to Ruckus every Tuesday Night for the Middle Creek Coaches Show broadcast live by The Sports Block. This is a great way to support the student athletes and coaches of Middle Creek, every Tuesday at 7pm at Ruckus in Cary.


The Sports Block is brought to you by MCHS Digital Media Academy. Students, if you are interested in the graphic arts then visit the Academy’s Website for more details on how to participate.

Freshman and New Student Orientation

New students and rising 9th graders and parents:

9th Grade Orientation is this Wednesday, August 20th from 8:00 to 11:00.

9th grade students will:

  • get a copy of your class schedules
  • receive a school tour so you can see where your classes are
  • talk to upperclassmen and faculty so you have the 411 on the school
  • be sure to pay attention so you don’t look clueless on your first day (bad for your social game)

If you plan to attend, please register for the orientation by following this link. This way, we know you are coming!

Parents and students, be sure to stop by and visit the PTSA booth and “Become a Hero” by joining, donating or volunteering. Students get the opportunity of participating in the Student Liaison Program. Click here for more info.

We look forward to seeing you at the Creek!

Your MCHS PTSA For Next Year

At our meeting on May 19, new board members were voted in for the 2014/15 school year.
  • President:                            Carman Webb
  • Vice-President:                  Sue Scarlett
  • VP of Scholarship:            Christine Hurley
  • VP of Social Media:           William Blackmon
  • Secretary:                            OPEN
  • Treasurer:                           Dawn Navarro
  • Membership Co-Chairpersons: Amanda Liles and Stephanie Kocurek
  • Reflections Contest Chairperson: Diane Fahy
  • Winter Wonders Craft Fair Chairperson: Mandi Loftis
  • Event Assistant: Kathy Adamick
  • Hospitality Chairperson: OPEN
  • Webmaster: Greg Liles
We have put together a great team for the coming year, but we still have a place for you! Please consider contributing your talents and a small amount of time (usually less than two hours a month) to the students of Middle Creek High.


Can you come to one meeting a month? The secretary records the minutes of all Board meetings and maintains records and rosters for the PTSA. As a Board member, the Secretary has a vote in all Board decisions.


Do you love throwing a good party?  Do you enjoy caring for people by creating an occasion?  Do you have good organizational skills and a knack for creating a festive gathering on a budget?
The PTSA is seeking people just like you to chair and be a part of the Hospitality Committee.  You and a friend or two can contribute you talents to MCHS by caring for the faculty and administration through hospitality.  You write the script on this opportunity…a lunch each quarter or a concentrated week of appreciation in May; a one man show or 10 friends each taking a month.  Please consider helping with this much appreciated, face to face way of saying “thank you” to our valuable MCHS staff.


Looking for a way to contribute that offers a completely flexible schedule? The Features Editor would help generate content for the Creek Week eNewsletter. For instance, we would like  to highlight the many assorted student clubs at MCHS.  Each club has a faculty advisor and a student leader. All the Features Editor has to do is coordinate with those leaders to create a feature about the activities of the club.


For more information, please contact Carman Webb at


Summer Break 2014

Ahhh… It’s here. Summer break. Time to relax our brains, unwind and enjoy a well deserved break. We here at MCHS PTSA will be doing the same. This will be our last post for this school year. But don’t fret, we’ll be back, well rested, very bright and very shiny in the Fall.

From all of us here at the PTSA: Enjoy your break. Enjoy Your Summer. We’ll see you in the fall.