We Desperately Need Your Help

Good News – We have a record number of students taking AP exams at Middle Creek

Bad News – We don’t have enough proctors to oversee the exams.

One of the best things your student can do to secure a place at the college of his or her choice is to take challenging courses in high school. A rigorous schedule shows college admission that a student is engaged and willing to stretch academically. And some scores on AP tests can earn course credit for college. This cannot only save you thousands of dollars in tuition, it can also afford some breathing room in your students college schedule. Having that peace of mind can be invaluable during those first years.

We have a record number of students taking AP exams this year at Middle Creek. That’s good news for each and every one of us. Even if your student does not happen to be taking a test this year, all of our kids benefit from being in an environment where academic rigor is part of the culture.

We need your help!! We do not have enough proctors to oversee all the exams. It’s easy to do and only takes a few hours of your time and it can make a real-world impact for your child and our school. Please click the button below and sign up to proctor an AP exam. Training session is this Wednesday April 29th. Thanks for being that hero.

I want to be a proctor – sign me up