De-Stress Your Holiday Season

Don't be this mom. Charlotte Avery helps you de-stress your holidays in six ways

Scottish musician and songwriter Thomas Oliphant wrote the popular Christmas carol “Deck the Halls.”

Oliphant was one of seven children, however, he was never married and had no children, so he probably couldn’t fathom what I go through to shop for, feed, entertain and referee my seven children or the challenge of having children home from school all day during the extended holiday season.

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NCTAP: North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program

Earn money while you learn!

As an NCTAP apprentice you will be paid while you are learning. In addition some of the many advantages include:

  • Associates Degree in Applied Science – paid by your employer
  • Apprenticeship Certification from NC Department of Commerce & USDOL
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Rigorous, 8,000-hour program
  • Guaranteed job opportunities
  • A jump-start on a terrific career

NCTAP prepares you for high-demand careers that include:

  • CNC Machinist (learn more)
  • Tool / Die / Mold Maker (learn more)
  • Plastics Technician (learn more)
  • Design Engineer (learn more)
  • Sheet Metal Fabricator (learn more)
  • Machine Technician (learn more)
  • Electronics Technician (learn more)
  • Electrician (learn more)
  • Automation Technician (learn more)
  • Materials Technician (learn more)
  • Industrial Business Administrator (learn more)

Starting in the 11th grade of high school, this 4-year program is divided into modules, with classes leading to an Associate’s Degree (AAS) in Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics Engineering Technology.

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Thinking About College: What Matters?


Many high school seniors and their parents are heavily into the college application season. Colleges are being considered, ranked and evaluated on multiple parameters:

  • How well regarded is the school?
  • Who teaches most of the courses?
  • How nice are the residence halls and lab facilities?
  • How competitive is the school?
  • How much financial aid is available?

All of these concerns are important. Nevertheless, it is very likely that many important concerns will not be investigated or even considered by students or parents. Read more…

Paid Summer Internship for High School Students



Juniors and Seniors:
Apply from October 30, 2017 to February 2nd, 2018
Student Leaders® recognizes those who lead and serve in their own communities and beyond. Bank of America will connect Student Leaders to tools and resources that will help them make communities better.
 To become a Student Leader, you must:
  • Currently be a junior or senior in high school
  • Be able to participate in an 8-week paid internship at a local nonprofit organization and work 35 hours a week
  • Be legally authorized to work in the US without sponsorship through the end of September 2018
  • Be able to participate in a week-long Student Leaders Summit in Washington, DC (July 8-July 13, 2018) (All expenses paid. This week will be part of your 8-week experience.)
  • Be a student in good standing at your school
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor, or school administrator

Please note, Bank of America employees or members of their family are not eligible for nomination. Family members include: spouse or domestic partner, child (including by adoption), parent, grandparent, grandchild, cousin, aunt, uncle, sibling, niece, nephew, parent-in-law, brother-in-law or sister-in-law of the employee or the employee’s spouse or domestic partner, as well as all step relationships.

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PTSA Meeting Monday


Please join us!

The monthly meeting of MCHS PTSA is set for Monday, November 20 at 6pm in the Media Center. Please drop by and find out more about all the ways we are supporting academic excellence at our school.

We endeavor to keep our meetings to one hour, so don’t worry that we will take up your entire evening. We look forward to seeing you on Monday night!

Teaching Children It’s Okay to Fail



All parents want to see their kids succeed, but it’s just as important to teach your children how to fail. Failing can be reframed as trying, practicing, and putting in effort — and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, it’s unrealistic to be good at everything on your first pass. Kids who can’t tolerate failure are vulnerable to anxiety and it can lead to bigger problems when they do inevitably fail.

This is why teaching your child to be resilient and rebound from a failure is so important. The ability to recover from a setback is one of the keys to a happy life.

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College Application Month – Oct 28 -Nov 24, 2017

NC College Application Month

NC College Application Month is an annual event to support high school seniors in completing three important college enrollment steps: Residency, FAFSA, and applications. The 2017 event runs from October 28th through November 24th.

Activities begin with FAFSA Day on October 28th, and lead toward the week of November 13th – 17th when volunteers at hundreds of NC high schools will help students submit online applications for admission.

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To start your application, visit the CFNC Application Hub