Become a Hero

We are Middle Creek

We are the parents… the teachers…  the students. We are the ones who make a difference in the quality of education our kids deserve.

The PTSA is your organization. Your chance to become a hero in your child’s education and your community. Take a minute and look at all the cool things we are doing.

Adding AP Courses at MCHS


Middle Creek High has some of the brightest students in Wake County who deserve College Equivalency courses. So when the administration wants to add new AP courses to the roster, the PTSA is here to help.

Books and materials are needed to add an AP course and often the school’s budget isn’t large enough to handle these expenses. That’s where the PTSA comes in to help purchase books and materials. To date, the PTSA has helped add an additional AP Biology and AP Chemistry course. Just one of the ways the PTSA is helping improve the academics at Middle Creek High.

Providing Chromebooks for Education


Middle Creek is one of Wake County’s STEM schools, focusing on applying the knowledge and skills fundamental to the engineering design process and utilizing project based learning across all disciplines.

Middle Creek is also piloting a Wake County program to provide Google Chromebooks for Education. This requires outfitting many classrooms with cloud-based laptops that allow students and teachers to collaborate efficiently in and around school. The PTSA is excited to be part of this program and to help bring more technology into the classroom to better educate our kids and provide the necessary skills that will transfer to their college and career paths.

Scholarships for SAT Prep Courses


We have some of the smartest kids in Wake County and all of them deserve a chance to better their lives academically. SAT and ACT Prep courses are expensive, but these course help improve a student’s chance at attending the colleges of their choice. No one should be left behind and that’s why the PTSA offers SAT Prep Course Scholarships throughout the school year. If you feel you don’t have the economic means to pay for a prep course, then apply for a PTSA Prep Course Scholarship.

Honoring the Honor Roll


Our kids works hard and we give credit when credit is due. The PTSA gives an Honor Roll Breakfast to all students who make the A/B Honor Roll. last year, that was for nearly 900 kids! The celebration is full of fun, food and special prizes for all. It’s a way of giving them a pat on the back for working hard and saying we are  proud of what you are achieving.

And many, many more…

Don’t forget other programs such as:

  • Reflections art contest, the only contest that celebrates your child’s artistic abilities.
  • Sponsoring the Creative Arts Magazine
  • Supporting the annual math competition
  • Teacher appreciation luncheons
  • And with you on board, the list goes on!

Become a Hero in Your Child’s Education


Here are some easy ways in becoming a Hero:

  1. By joining or renewing your PTSA Membership. Membership is only $10.
  2. Have your son or daughter join as well. They can participate in the Student Liaison Program and earn community volunteer time.
  3. Attend our regular monthly meetings (third Tuesday of every month) and help us administrate current programs and help design new ones.
  4. Donate money to our programs. We can’t do what we do without your generosity. 100% of your contribution stays at Middle Creek. And best yet, the PTSA is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible.
  5. Volunteer your time. We always need help with the many events we do around campus. Whether you are hands on at the event or baking goodies on the sideline, every little bit counts.

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