MCHS BBQ Staff Luncheon – May 16th


Hi- can you believe it? Tuesday, May 16th is the last MCHS staff luncheon for the school year featuring Danny’s Pork BBQ and fixins’ (cole slaw, hushpuppies/rolls, potato salad & banana pudding).

We still need some items and helpers for the BBQ event. If you think you can volunteer your time or some items, like plasticwear, drinks, etc, then please visit the signup link below.

Thank you so much for all your donations this year! The staff REALLY appreciates it and always says how “spoiled” they are by the MCHS families.

FYI….. We are still looking for someone to take over for me as the Hospitality Team Coordinator (as my son will be graduating). I can’t say enough good things about being involved with the Hospitality Team for the last 4 years. It’s one of the most satisfying positions on the PTSA because we get to interact directly with our children’s teachers and show our appreciation first-hand. PLEASE consider getting involved whether by leading or donating your time and/or talents to this position. It’s a great position to hold with a fellow parent or friend. Feel free to contact me for more info. 🙂

If you have any questions, please email

Next Year’s Team is Almost Complete


Next year’s leadership team is almost complete. We have a strong lineup of committee chairpersons ready to take charge of all the moving parts of our mission. We are excited to welcome new officers to the executive board and look forward to getting to know them better. The picture looks bright but please look closer. We must have a President and a Vice-President to ensure the continued success of the Academic Booster Club. Because most of our committee chairs are already in place, the President and Vice-President will work primarily to coordinate with MCHS administration and to organize the monthly meetings.

If you have been thinking about volunteering, now is the time. We look forward to hearing from you.

MCHS PTSA: 2017/18

President: open
Vice President: open
Secretary: Michelle Edgar
Treasurer: Ashlie Holt
Communication: Sapna Chitale
Membership: Karissa Webb
BAC Representative: Jodi Vance
Hospitality: open
Student Recognition: Renee Rogers and Laura Wilson
Winter Craft Fair: Dawn Navarro
Reflections: Ginger Carbone
Passive Fundraising: Wendy Bonarelli
Student Liaisons: Carman Webb
Grant Writing: Kathy Gleason and Linda Chaloupecky

For more information, contact Carman Webb at

Teacher Appreciation “Happy Hour”


To show our appreciation for our teachers and staff at MCHS we will give them the simple gift of a moment to enjoy each other over a treat and a drink directly after school on Tuesday, May 2.

We are looking to serve homemade cookies, water and cokes.

Show your love by signing up below.

Cookies and drinks can be dropped off at 6020 Larboard Dr. Apex 27539 on Monday May 1 and Tuesday May 2 until noon.


Honor Roll Breakfast – This Thursday

On Thursday, April 27 we will celebrate the accomplishments of our students on the Honor Roll. Students on the “ALL A” Honor Roll will receive a ticket to the breakfast where we will serve fruit, assorted snacks and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The first breakfast of the day will serve Juniors and Seniors and Freshmen and Sophomores will join us at the second breakfast. Each breakfast will end with a drawing for gift cards to the places our kids love to go. Students on both the “All A” and the “A/B” Honor Rolls will be eligible to win a card in the drawings.

Thank you in advance to everyone who can volunteer to help serve our students and to those of you making a donation of snacks or gift cards for the drawing. All donations should be labeled “Honor Roll Breakfast” and dropped off in STUDENT SERVICES by Tuesday, April 25. Please place gift cards in sealed envelopes labeled “Honor Roll Breakfast” before dropping them by Student Services.



We Can’t Do It Alone

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller

Right now, your mind is probably on the countdown to your beach trip, or just the blessed days of skipping the school day rush. MCHS PTSA does wish everyone a safe and relaxing Spring Break, but we also hope you will take just a little time to think about next year.
So many of us volunteer in ways big and small in our school and community. Please consider putting some of your volunteer power to work with MCHS PTSA.  Don’t wait for someone else to take the lead. We need you.
President: open
Vice President: open
Secretary: open
Treasurer: open
Webmaster: open
Membership: open
BAC Representative: Jodi Vance
Hospitality: open
Student Recognition: Renee Rogers and Laura Wilson
Winter Craft Fair: open
Reflections: Ginger Carbone
Passive Fundraising: open
Student Liaisons: Carman Webb
Grant Writing: Kathy Gleason and Linda Chaloupecky
Phone a friend and take one of these roles on together.
Remember that students can serve in some of our key positions.
Looking to volunteer in the school? Prefer to work from home? We have a job for you.
To discuss the details and get an honest assessment of each position’s rewards and requirements, contact Carman Webb:

Leadership Positions for Students




Parent Teacher Student Association

As you know, MCHS PTSA is currently recruiting the next round of leaders for 2017/18. Did you know that STUDENTS can serve in some of our key positions? Dedicated, hard-working, responsible students committed to academic achievement should consider the possibilities of taking a leadership position with us. Think of the possibilities involved if a parent and student were to volunteer for our leadership team together…
MCHS PTSA offers real-life experience in the management of a volunteer organization. Fundraising, budgeting, event planning, volunteer recruitment and coordination are just some of the skills practiced as a chairperson or board member of MCHS PTSA.
Students seriously interested and able to commit to a full year of service for 2017/18 should contact Carman Webb at

Supporting Your Child Through High School


Being a parent of teenagers is certainly an interesting job, isn’t it? As our teens move through their high school years, it can become an increasingly difficult job to navigate how to support your child through the maze of high school opportunities and challenges.  How do you stay connected to your child as they move through this passage to adulthood? We have an opportunity for your consideration.

Volunteering for the Middle Creek PTSA is an opportunity to connect with your child’s high school, regardless of what clubs or activities your child might be doing at school.  It’s an opportunity to get to know the faculty and staff and to support student achievement.  Ultimately, it’s a way for you to feel a strong connection to what’s happening in the life of your student from his first day of high school all the way until Graduation.

The Middle Creek PTSA is a group of parents, teachers, students, and administrators that work together to support the success of all students.  We work together as volunteers to support the student body at Middle Creek High School, across Wake County and the state of NC, and even across the nation.  We work on things like student recognition, staff appreciation, support for classroom teachers, support of the arts, communications between the school and the parents, support for freshmen orientation and senior activities, and much more.
The Nominating Committee is currently seeking folks with an interest in serving in any role with the Middle Creek PTSA for 2017-2018.  We promise that having a conversation with us doesn’t mean you’re putting your name into an abyss of time-sucking volunteer work.  Rather, it’s a chance for you to explore how you can make that connection discussed above.  Please consider if you have a few hours to give, regardless of whether it’s just a couple of hours over the course of the year or something more significant.  We have a place for you.

Here at MCHS, we are in need of willing parents who value our mission as the Academic Booster Club. Without you, we cannot continue. There are a variety of positions available next year. For example:

PTSA Secretary

This impactful voting board position involves coming to one meeting a month with school administrators and PTSA members. For the past several years meetings have been held on the 3rd Monday of the month from 6:00-7:00 pm. during the school year.

During the meeting the secretary is responsible for recording the names of those in attendance and composing the minutes of the meeting.  Additional optional opportunities involve being a part of Freshman Orientation and Meet the Teacher nights, the Winter Wonders Craft Fair, and Teacher Appreciation events.

Approximate time commitment: 1.5 hours per month. No previous secretarial experience needed.

For information about this or any of our opportunities, please contact Sue Scarlett

We have a place just for you!



Looking for a way to feel part of what is happening at MCHS? Would you like to get to know the leaders of our school? All you need to do is join the MCHS PTSA leadership team for 2017/18. It’s easy!

PTSA Executive Board positions work directly with teachers and administration on a variety of projects each year. From Freshman Orientation in August to Teacher Appreciation in May, our Board contributes to the events making our school the vibrant and engaged place it is.

MCHS PTSA Executive Board plans and implements the budget, voting on additional expenditures as needed. As a member of the executive board, you have a direct voice in setting our priorities as the Academic Booster Club of Middle Creek High. Our Executive Board positions are:


All we need from you is enthusiasm for student success and a willingness to serve. We are currently speaking to a few parents interested in joining the team and still considering which position best fits. As several of our past board members will be returning in different capacities, there will be plenty of support available to the new leaders. Please don’t wait for “somebody else” to take the lead. YOU are the one who can make the difference now.

Thank you for your help. For more information, please contact Carman Webb at

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
-Elizabeth Andrew

MCHS Pizza Staff Lunch


Lets show the MCHS staff that we appreciate them Thursday March 23rd at the next teacher luncheon!  We are ordering Pizza and hoping for lots of great sides from our volunteers! Think about a hearty salad or your favorite appetizer. Just click the sign up button below.


Thank you for all you do. MCHS is blessed with the most generous parents!


MCHS Hospitality Committee



We Need the Leader in You



MCHS PTSA is proud to serve as the Academic Booster Club of Middle Creek High. This means we work to make sure that each child in every classroom has the best opportunity to succeed. Toward this goal:

  • We purchase textbooks so that additional sections of AP classes could be opened.
  • We provide need-based scholarships to the SAT prep class held here at MCHS.
  • We offer grants to the teachers to support STEM-based collaborative projects in the classrooms.
  • We support the Science Olympiad team, the Creative Arts Magazine and the Reflections Contest.
  • Each year, we work with STEM coordinator Howard Ginsburg to complete a project in support of the STEM program at our school.
  • We encourage the involvement of our students and provide volunteer opportunities through our PTSA Student Liaisons program.
  • We host Winter Wonders Craft Fair and the International Festival.
  • The PTSA acknowledges the dedication of our teachers with regular Teacher Luncheons and celebrates the academic accomplishments of our students with a quarterly Honor Roll Breakfast.

In ways both ordinary and profound, we are a group of parents, teachers, students and administrators working to make our school a place where students can expect to succeed.

We invite you to join our leadership team for 2017/18. Put your talents and your energy to work for all of our kids. Be part of a group making a tangible difference each day. We have positions available that serve year-long and work directly with administration. We have other opportunities which involve completing one project, one time. We are happy to answer any and all questions about volunteer positions honestly. We will be frank about the time required of each position, as well as its rewards and challenges.

Our 2017/18 team is just beginning to take shape. Right now we would love to begin a conversation with you or anyone you know that is interested in serving in any capacity. Please contact Carman Webb at