Here’s Why You Should Be The President of MCHS PTSA


From the past news letters and blog entries most of you know that we are seeking new nominations for next year’s PTSA Board. One position that’s open is for President. As daunting as the role sounds, it’s quite simple since our entire board works as a team to accomplish our goals. Don’t believe me? Then listen to the words directly from our current President, Carman Webb:

Here’s Why You Should Be The President of MCHS PTSA:

The PTSA is the academic booster club of Middle Creek High. We work with teachers, staff, administration, students and parents to make sure that each student at our school gets his or her best chance to achieve academic success. That’s a big mission and there are a lot of moving parts that make it happen. We have truly wonderful parent volunteers at our school, doing the work every single day. Parent volunteers serve at the teacher luncheons that make our teachers feel valued and appreciated. Parents volunteer at the Honor Roll Breakfast that celebrates the achievements of our Honor Roll students. Parents serve on the committee that reviewed grant requests from our teachers for STEM materials. Parents run our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Winter Wonders Craft Fair.

With committed parents doing the hard work of fostering academic achievement, the job of the President is simple. As President of the MCHS PTSA, all I do is coordinate efforts between the school, the executive board and parents. It is my job to make sure that we communicate what needs to get done and then facilitate a plan to make that happen. Our school’s administrative team is capable, prompt and dedicated to our students, making the job as easy as possible. The President also delivers a few speeches during the year in order to communicate our mission to parents. Working with the executive board, the President sets the agenda and then runs the monthly PTSA meetings.

Serving on the executive board of the PTSA means that you help determine the priorities for the team. In the last several years, our board has worked diligently to identify ourselves as the ACADEMIC BOOSTER CLUB of MCHS. That isn’t just a phrase. It is an identity that helps to focus our efforts. For instance, we have funded scholarships to the SAT Prep Class held at MCHS. We instituted Student Liaisons, giving our students another avenue for volunteering in the school and ensuring that our organization hears the voices of the people actually attending Middle Creek.

My term as President is almost over and it has been my honor to be part of this team of parents, teachers and students. Now it is time for new voices, new ideas and new perspectives to lead the way. We all want opportunities and success for our children and we all find our own ways to make those things happen. Please consider that the role of PTSA President offers a unique chance to help your student and all the students of Middle Creek High School.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity then please email me at

Thank you for your consideration,

Carman Webb
President, MCHS PTSA