OMG! We need baked goods. Can you help?



Every year at the craft fair, one of the most popular stops is the PTSA BAKE SALE. We are in need for baked goods. Please consider donating treats for us to sell on the big day.

Items should be individually bagged and labeled, ready for sale. We will offer goodies in ziploc baggies for $1. Cookies, candy, bars, flavored popcorn…anything you and Betty Crocker can imagine. We will offer containers of one dozen cookies for $5. Fill an inexpensive decorative tin with a dozen treats (clearly labeled) and feel good about supporting academics at MCHS.

The most popular items at our BAKE SALE are always whole cakes and pies. We sell out of them every year. If the holiday spirit strikes, bake up your favorite recipe and bring it to the fair. We would love to offer a variety of cakes and pies for sale at $10. Again, these should be clearly labeled and ready for a shopper to take home. We will not be able to return any plates or platters.


We need supplies for the drink table, items to prepare the raffle baskets and decor of all kinds to create a winter wonderland. Take a look at the sign up for a complete list.

You may drop off your donations at MCHS in the Commons on Friday, November 04 from 6:00 to 7:30pm. You may also bring your donations to the Commons on Saturday, November 05 from 7:30 am to 9:30am.

All of our proceeds from this event benefit academic programs at MCHS. Your continued support of academic excellence at Middle Creek is very much appreciated.

Press the big blue button to sign up today!