School’s Back. Prepare for Traffic!

The new year brings new parents and students who are new to the traffic patterns around our school. Don’t worry though, it’s only bad the first week. Here are some basic ideas that can help keep tempers cool and accidents from happening during this traffic crisis:

  1. Courtesy, Courtesy, Courtesy. Be helpful. Let cars needing to turn left in front of you, but not too many. You need to be courteous to drivers behind you as well. If everyone would let one car in front of them, things will run a lot smoother.
  2. Apply “The Rule of Rights”. When entering the roads around the school, try to use as many right turns as possible. Try to avoid left turns. The more you can do this, the better your experience will be.
  3. Don’t wait until you are at the front of the school to drop your student off. There is a large sidewalk alongside the round-about. It’s OK if your kid has to walk a little. The more cars that can unload at the same time, the faster the line moves.
  4. Students – be prepared to leave the vehicle efficiently. Have all your stuff ready to go. Again, be courteous to all the cars behind you waiting.
  5. Please do not cut through the student or teacher parking lots. We need to protect these valuable people. We love our kids and our teachers.
  6. Plan for a Delay. Try to leave a little bit early and know that you’ll be getting to your final destination a little bit late.

As the penguins of Madagascar say “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave”. Be friendly to each other. Pay it forward. We’re all in this together and a little help goes along way.