Requesting a Schedule Change

Middle Creek High School is now using an email request system for schedule change requests for the
2017-2018 school year. All requests must be submitted to the email address:

Requests must be submitted from a WCPSS email only ( for assistance).

Emails from personal email accounts cannot and will not be considered. Please follow the below instructions

Schedule changes will be considered for the following reasons only:

  • Student has earned a credit in the same course previously.
  • Student would like to increase rigor (only possible if room available).
  • Same course is listed twice.
  • Courses scheduled out of sequence or 2 PE courses in the same day.
  • Student did not choose course during registration time (Course selection sheet must have been returned during registration time to verify this).
  • Student does not have prerequisite necessary for course.

How to Get a Schedule Change:

Using your WCPSS student email account, compose an email to the email address listed earlier. In the subject line, type the student’s first name, last name, and grade level. In the body of your email you must include: 1) the specific course you are requesting to drop, 2) the course you are requesting to add, and 3) the reason from above that supports the need for a change. Please keep your email to 25 words or less so that reviewers are able to review and reply in a timely manner. Responses will be sent back to the student email.