School Safety and Main Security Number

There is no one single initiative that makes schools safe.  It is a combination of staff, training, security systems and families/students.  There are North Carolina state safety plans in place so all first responders are executing procedures in the same manner.  For example, Chatham Co. Sherriff Department might be the first law enforcement on site at an incident at Panther Creek HS.  There is no need to wait for Cary/Morrisville PD or Wake Co. Sherriff Dept. as they will secure an event the same way and all are operating under the same guidelines.

All Wake Co. schools, Elementary through High School, now are on the same security system.  In previous years there was great discrepancies in cameras, systems, etc. among different schools.  Much had to do with the varying age of schools.  This was a major objective achieved through bond money.

The Security Department feels the most impactful factor in school safety and success is counselors.  Wake Co. is very far behind the national average and recommendations.    In high schools the counselor to student ratio should be 1:250.  WCPSS is at 1:650 and 1:1600 in elementary schools.  To add one counselor to every school in WCPSS would cost $10 million a year.

If you have further questions about school security you can contact Mr. Smith at

In case of an emergency (social media threats, etc.) the Main Security number is answered 24/7–  919-431-7777