Student Email Accounts Have Changed

Beginning July 10, students will access their WCPSS email in Outlook. Their email addresses will not change. They will be able to access their email from the web and a mobile application. Students will receive an email in their Lotus Notes account notifying them of the change prior to July 10.

What do my students need to know?

Beginning July 10, students will send and receive email from their new Outlook account by logging into the WakeID Portal at and clicking the Outlook icon. Students will no longer be able to send or receive new email from their Lotus Notes account. They can, however, continue to access their Lotus Notes email at to read or print messages until September 15.
If Outlook prompts students to select a time zone, select (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).
What do my students do if they need help?
They can visit or
Follow your normal support procedures for technology related issues for district support.
Are there additional resources available to help me communicate about this change with my students?
See the Outlook Email for Students Messaging Toolkit for suggested language for social media, school-wide announcements and more.