Update on Reflections Art Contest

Reflections Art contest was judged locally in the school Nov 8.

Of the 72 entries these final 12 went on to Wake County (they only allow 12 submissions).  Side note, this was a tough year for the judges, the stories, visual arts, photography and film participants were all outstanding. Participants, you should all be very proud!


Name Grade Title
Chistopher Perwell 10 The Shore
Lucy Hutchinson 9 Gymnastics Meet
Peyton Brown 9 The Role I Play
Nicole Lieffrig 11 Tink
Abi Sawyer 11 Within Reach
Aaron Sugarman 12 Roasted
Ellie Bucci 10 Desire
Jessica King 9 One More Minute
Drew Young 12 Within Reach
Grace Giska 12 Breaking Open the Sky
Neha Amalean 10 Her
Brianna Brown 11 Goals.  As infinite as Art on Paper


These were 3 more literature pieces that the judges thought were too good to pass by so they got “Honorable Mention


Name Grade Title
Honorable Mention
Sophia Phillips 9 My Pieces
Ashley Brady 9 So Close
Martha Nebab 9 Nana


We will be posting updates if any of our participants place in the County Level.


Thank you to Mr. Matteau who helped orchestrate all of the entries and his belief in this program.