We Can’t Do It Alone

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller

Right now, your mind is probably on the countdown to your beach trip, or just the blessed days of skipping the school day rush. MCHS PTSA does wish everyone a safe and relaxing Spring Break, but we also hope you will take just a little time to think about next year.
So many of us volunteer in ways big and small in our school and community. Please consider putting some of your volunteer power to work with MCHS PTSA.  Don’t wait for someone else to take the lead. We need you.
President: open
Vice President: open
Secretary: open
Treasurer: open
Webmaster: open
Membership: open
BAC Representative: Jodi Vance
Hospitality: open
Student Recognition: Renee Rogers and Laura Wilson
Winter Craft Fair: open
Reflections: Ginger Carbone
Passive Fundraising: open
Student Liaisons: Carman Webb
Grant Writing: Kathy Gleason and Linda Chaloupecky
Phone a friend and take one of these roles on together.
Remember that students can serve in some of our key positions.
Looking to volunteer in the school? Prefer to work from home? We have a job for you.
To discuss the details and get an honest assessment of each position’s rewards and requirements, contact Carman Webb: cgwebb@me.com