We Have a Special Program with Harris Teeter

Did you notice the Harris Teeter sign in the carpool lane last week? That was a reminder that linking your VIC card to the PTSA with code 5331 is the easiest way to help foster academic excellence at Middle Creek. As of now we have only 106 cards linked to the PTSA. Come on, folks! We can certainly do better than that.

This year, the PTSA is participating in a special partnership program with Harris Teeter. Every $100 raised through cards linked to code 5331 will be matched by Harris Teeter, up to $2000!

Funds raised through TIE have helped us fund scholarships to the SAT prep class held here at the school, provide grants to teachers to support STEM based learning in the classrooms, purchase books for our students and so much more. This year, we are working to raise funds to purchase more iPads for the school. Ask your students how often they use iPads in the classroom. We can put every dollar we raise through linked VIC cards to work at Middle Creek.

As an added incentive in this year’s partnership program, Harris Teeter will deliver a monthly selection of treats to our teachers, as long as we maintain a certain number of linked VIC cards. This November, our teachers will enjoy a selection of cookies and bottled water.

So, the next time you need a gallon of milk or a roll of paper towels, think about running by Harris Teeter and verifying that your card is linked to 5331.

Please note, your card may be linked to as many as five clubs and the funds earned will be divided equally among those organizations. This year’s partnership program is with MCHS PTSA and only funds earned through our code(5331) will be matched for the bonus program.