We Need the Leader in You



MCHS PTSA is proud to serve as the Academic Booster Club of Middle Creek High. This means we work to make sure that each child in every classroom has the best opportunity to succeed. Toward this goal:

  • We purchase textbooks so that additional sections of AP classes could be opened.
  • We provide need-based scholarships to the SAT prep class held here at MCHS.
  • We offer grants to the teachers to support STEM-based collaborative projects in the classrooms.
  • We support the Science Olympiad team, the Creative Arts Magazine and the Reflections Contest.
  • Each year, we work with STEM coordinator Howard Ginsburg to complete a project in support of the STEM program at our school.
  • We encourage the involvement of our students and provide volunteer opportunities through our PTSA Student Liaisons program.
  • We host Winter Wonders Craft Fair and the International Festival.
  • The PTSA acknowledges the dedication of our teachers with regular Teacher Luncheons and celebrates the academic accomplishments of our students with a quarterly Honor Roll Breakfast.

In ways both ordinary and profound, we are a group of parents, teachers, students and administrators working to make our school a place where students can expect to succeed.

We invite you to join our leadership team for 2017/18. Put your talents and your energy to work for all of our kids. Be part of a group making a tangible difference each day. We have positions available that serve year-long and work directly with administration. We have other opportunities which involve completing one project, one time. We are happy to answer any and all questions about volunteer positions honestly. We will be frank about the time required of each position, as well as its rewards and challenges.

Our 2017/18 team is just beginning to take shape. Right now we would love to begin a conversation with you or anyone you know that is interested in serving in any capacity. Please contact Carman Webb at cgwebb@me.com