Welcome to the Team!

We would like to welcome you to the new school year and introduce you to the new PTSA 2017 – 2018 Team.

President: open
Vice President: open
Secretary: Michelle Edgar
Treasurer: Ashlie Holt
Communication: Sapna Chitale
Membership: Karissa Webb
BAC Representative: Jodi Vance
Tonya Brady
Student Recognition: Renee Rogers
Winter Craft Fair: Dawn Navarro
Reflections: Ginger Carbone
Passive Fundraising: Wendy Bonarelli
Student Liaisons: Carman Webb
Grant Writing: Kathy Gleason and Linda Chaloupecky

We also would like to welcome Tonya Brady to our leadership team as the new Hospitality Chairperson. The PTSA has always put a premium on recognizing the hard work of our teachers with fun hospitality events throughout the year. We look forward to continuing this tradition under Tonya’s direction.

While ALL of our committee chairs are filled, we are still in search of our President and Vice-President. The primary responsibility of these positions are organizational. Becoming the President of the PTSA does not mean you will never have another free moment. Our projects are led by our chairpersons and all of those positions are filled. What we need is a liaison between us and the school. The President sets the agenda for our monthly meetings and coordinates budget requests. Please consider volunteering a little of your time to supporting academic excellence at Middle Creek.

 For more information, contact Carman Webb at cgwebb@me.com