Your Opportunity to Make a Difference


The 2015/16 Executive Board of MCHS PTSA would like to extend a warm welcome to the proposed slate of officers for 2016/17. We are also grateful for the volunteers who have stepped forward to lead our committees next year. These parents will be leading the efforts to foster academic success for all of our students at Middle Creek High. Thank you!

We are still searching for our next President. The President works to coordinate projects within our budget and mission. The President runs the monthly meetings and acts as a liaison between the executive board and MCHS administration.

Our team is also recruiting a chairperson for the Membership Committee. Please read a description of that position from one of our current Membership Co-Chairs.

The MCHS Membership chair takes care of all new memberships throughout the year. There is one large push at the beginning of the year during Freshman Orientation and Open House where we try to sign up as many members as possible. After the membership drive, all members must be entered into an online database. Once the data is entered, you will need to alert the Treasurer of the number of members so a check can be written and mailed. You may receive membership throughout the year, but the volume is very low. Membership is not time-consuming position and can easily be done in the comfort of your home.

Please keep in mind that either of these open positions can be filled by a pair of volunteers who would like to serve together. Our team is almost complete. We invite you to be part of celebrating academic success at our school. Thank you for your consideration.

President: OPEN
Vice-President: William Blackmon
Secretary: Marna Swagert
Treasurer: Amanda Liles


Membership: OPEN
WebMaster: Greg Liles
Reflections: Ginger Carbone
Student Recognition: Sue Scarlett and Carman Webb
Winter Craft Fair: Mandi Loftis
Passive Fundraising: Tanya Jenkins
Grants: Linda Chaloupecky and Kathy Gleason
Hospitality: Toni Carpenter